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UTML Ref: 3880



    1 x 3.2m Ramish Kleinewefers 2 Roll thermo Hydrein Embossing Calender,

    Brief technical information:

    The Calender comprises two steel rollers.
    The top roller is engraved and the bottom roller is a deflection compensating roll.
    The bottom roller uses the Ramisch Kleinewefers Hydrein pressure system.

    Thermo- Hydrein HT Roll System
    For assembly in a 2 roll non-woven Calender

    Design data
    Line load range: 15 – 80 N/mm
    Speed range: 5 – 20 m/min
    Frame centre distance: 4200mm
    Working width: 3200mm
    Counter roll (engraved) diameter: 550mm

    Thermo Hydrein HT roll
    External diameter: 445mm
    Roll surface width: 3300mm
    Roll surface temperature: 130 - 250°C
    Cooling System
    This is based on a cooling water inlet temperature of maximum 20°C at a pressure of approx. 2 bar and an outlet temperature of maximum 40°C

    Offer Comprising of:

    1. Input C M Machinery Transport Lattice and Metal detector (No. 4603, Year. 1994)
    Metal Detector - Lock Inspection Systems Ltd (Metalcheck 9)

    2. Edge trimming Section.

    3. Two edge trim shredders.
    - Dell'orco Edge trim opener - AC/500 Year 2004
    - Temafa Edge trim opener - Year 1998

    4. 3.2m Ramisch Kleinewefers 2 Roll Thermo Hydrein Embossing Calender
    - Type: RKK 250, Year : 1994

    5. Oil heating plant for Calender.
    - Aura Thermo Heating Oil Plant - Type: AKS 300 Year:1994

    6. ICS Water Chiller – Year 1994
    The ICS Water Chiller is (used to cool the Hydraulic unit, oil lubrication unit and the two cooling rolls on the Calender).

    7. Windup feed rolls.
    CM Machinery, Ser. No. 4555-1 Year 1994

    8. CM Machinery Turet Windup.
    Serial. No. 4562, Year 1994

    •     Electrical Supply: 3 Phase 380-440v, 50Hz
    Additional Information:
    Status:          Dismantled and stored in warehouse
    Condition:    Complete and in good working condition
    Location:      United Kingdom
    Availability:  Immediately

    More pictures available upon request