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UTML Ref: 2947



    Milhan Makina cone to cone winding machine, 2018 (FSM06)

         Technical Specification:
    •     COFIGURATION:           Single Sided with easily accessible electrical cabinet
    •     INPUT YARN CREEL:           1 per spindle (Creel shelf)
    •     DRIVE:           1 independent motor per spindle
    •     WINDING TYPE:           Conical or Parallel
    •     WINDING LENGTH:           Optional length 6" - 8" - 10"
    •     WINDING DIAMETER:           Maximum 320mm
    •     WINDING SPEED:           Maximum 1000m/min
    •     WINDING SPEED CONTROL:           Adjustable by digital speed setting unit
    •     INVERTER (SPEED CONTROL):          1 inverter speed control
    •     START/ STOP:           For each spindle - Independent Red and Green button
    •     PACKAGE STOP:           Desired cone diameter size stop - Adjusted mechanically
    •     RADIAL ANTI PATTERNING SYS:           Electronically Adjusted
    •     YARN SENSOR:           An optical sensor for each spindle
    •     CONE DENSITY:           Adjusted mechanically by special shock absorber system for each spindle - Adjustable mechanical metal scale weight system
    •     TRAVERSE MOVING:           Directly driven from motor shaft
    •     WINDING TRAVERSE:           95 Diameter Rubber Driven Bakalite
    •     WINDING MOTOR:           For each spindle 2800 rpm/0.08Kw/380V /0.22A/50Hz
    •     WAXING MOTOR:           1 for each spindle
    •     SLUB CATCHER:           1 mechanically adjustable scissor system for each spindle
    •     Electrical Supply:           3 Phase 380-415v, 50Hz
    •     Optional Extra -           1 Electronic Measured length control on each spindle (At extra cost)

    Status:         This is a new machine manufactured to customers specification (Not Secondhand)
    Condition:    Excellent (with 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects)
    Availability:  4 weeks after order confirmation

    More pictures available upon request