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UTML Ref: 3855



    1 x 1.9m Dornier PTS 4/S Carbon Fibre Loom with Texkimp Composite Creel, 2016

    Loom comprising of:
    •     Make and type: Dornier PTS 4/S
    •     Width: 1900mm
    •     Weft Insertion: Rapier
    •     Rapier: Ridged
    •     Weft Colours (Max): 4 (only 1 being used) •     Weft Feed: Isumi no twist single flat yarn feeder Model WF-510
    •     Warp Feed: Cygnet Texkimp Composite Creel
    •     Selvedge type: Cut
    •     Selvedge waste bin: 1
    •     Dobby model & type: STAUBLI S3020 e3
    •     Installed levers: 12
    •     Installed undermotions: 12
    •     Frames supplied: 12
    •     Loom take-up: Electrical
    •     Loom let-off: Electrical
    •     Cloth rollers: 2 x Air bars for securing cardboard tube
    •     Heald wires: As on Looms
    •     Spare parts & Manuals: All related spare parts, accessories and manuals available in the factory.
    •     Electrical Supply: 3 Phase 380-440v, 50Hz

    Also Included:
    •     Accumulators: 2
    •     Cone stand: 1
    •     1 x New Sohler Neuhauser Fibre Removal Complete Loom Hood (with warranty and still in original wooden packing case)

    Used in the production of: Carbon Fibre Fabrics
    Machine Hours: 20
    Meters Produced: Only 698 Metres (Practically a new loom)

    Machine Dimensions:
      -    Length: 5.5 metres
      -    Width: 15.0 metres
      -    Height: 3.0 metres

    Additional Information:
    Status:          Partially dismantled but still connected to power and in original location
    Condition:    Complete and in excellent condition
    Location:      United Kingdom
    Availability:  Immediately

    More pictures available upon request