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UTML Ref: 3854



    1 x Ken Mills Horizontal Mini Baler, Model 20

    A small compact Horizontal bale press ideally suited in a warehouse / small distribution centre with low production of cardboard, textile trimmings, polythene sheet, Foam scrap etc.

    With 15 tons maximum pressure it produces a bale suitable for decreasing transport / disposal cost.

    Brief technical information:
    •     Bale size: Approx. L 1100mm x W 800 x H 800 which would
    •     Bale Weight: Up to 300 kg dependant on material baled.
    •     Electrical Supply: 3 Phase 380-415v, 50Hz
    •     3 strapping points with built in strapping dispenser
    •     15 tonnes of ram pressure
    •     Approx 50 seconds ram cycle time
    •     Incorporates material retaining clappers, ensuring maximum filling area every time
    •     Ease of material loading through large feed opening
    •     Free standing on castors / feet

    •     Easy, safe operation by unskilled personnel
    •     One person operation
    •     High volume reduction
    •     Simple design, easy to maintain

    Machine Dimensions:
      -    Length: 4.0 metres
      -    Width: 1.0 metres
      -    Height: 2.0 metres

    Additional Information:
    Status:          Still operating and can be seen running
    Condition:    Complete and in good working condition (In need of a good clean)
    Location:      United Kingdom
    Availability:  Immediately (15 days after completed sales contracts)

    More pictures available upon request