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Below you will find a series of questions and answers that will help you familiarize yourself with this site.

What is the cost to register on this site?

Nothing. There are no registration fees for either buyers or sellers.

What is the cost to become a member?

Nothing. There are no membership fees for either buyers or sellers.

How much does it cost for Sellers to place machiery adverts?

Is the Seller limited to a maximum or minimum number of advertisements?

NO - There are no limits to the quantity of adverts a Seller can add to the website.

Does it cost the Seller to receive inquiries from the Buyers?

NO - There is no charge to Sellers for receiving Buyers enquiries.

Does it cost the Buyer to send inquiries or receive responses from the Seller?

NO - There is no charge - Buyers enquiries are sent directly to the Seller for free..

Does the Seller receive inquiries directly without interference from a third party?

YES - The seller receives buyers inquiries directly into their own inbox.

How does this website make a profit?

This website is NOT designed to make a profit !
It is not specific to any single textile organisation and operates for the benefit of the global textile industry.

Everything on this website is a completely FREE service.
We do NOT charge any commissions or fees for sellers placing adverts on the website or buyers communicating through the site.

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