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• The Used Textile Machinery Live website (In future called “UTML”) is operated by the Fellowship of Used Textile Machinery Suppliers (In future called “The Fellowship” ).

• The Fellowship is a NON PROFIT textile industry organisation consiting of members who support and adhere to a good code of practice for the sale of used textile machinery. It is not specific to any single textile organisation and operates for the benefit of the global textile industry.

• The Fellowship attempts to protect potential buyers from fraud and bad practice by providing a facility for buyers and sellers to have immediate and direct contact without third party interference or middle men. Buyers can be confident of directly trading with approved, authentic, and easily recognisable textile manufactures or machinery traders. Sellers should have a minimum of 5 years trading history to be able to advertise on the UTML website.

• This UTML website has been designed and developed to principally help textile manufactures and its Fellowship Members to quickly, easily and safely Source, Buy and Sell textile machinery.

• This website is different to most other websites primarily because membership is free, there are no fees or sales commissions, and it combindes this with the capability for buyers and sellers to communicate directly without third party interference or middle men.

• Free membership of "The Fellowship" is by invitation only.

• We validate members before offering free membership to the "The Fellowship". The purpose of the validation process is to check that that members are authentic, responsible and easily recognisable as textile manufactures or machinery traders with a minimum of 5 years trading history.

• Only members of "The Fellowship" can offer machinery from the Used Textile Machinery Live website..

• We try to ensure that all machines offered are currently available by only allowing a maximum 6 month advertising period. After 6 months the offered machines must be renewed by the seller or they will be automatically removed from the site.

• We require / request that our members only offer machinery from this site that are either owned by the member or the member has direct contact and approval with the machine owner to sell the machine.

• All the machinery offered from this site are updated directly by the seller thus all offered machinery should be available for purchase and the displayed information is accurate.

• There are over 2500 textiles categories available on the UTML website (All translated into 6 languages).
(We are attempting to provide an individual category for all textile machinery and auxilliary machinery (including Spare Parts) that may be found within all textile manufacturing companies. We hope this list will continue to grow).