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Our Programme for the Development of Additional Languages

We have plans to develop the UTML website so that it can be viewed in 17 different languages. Some of the work has already been done but there is still a lot to do.

•  The website is initially developed in: ENGLISH

•  We have still to finish the translation for: FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, SPANISH AND TURKISH

•   Translation for the following other languages has started: ARABIC, CHINESE (Simplified), GREEK, JAPANESE, KOREAN, INDIAN (Hindi), PAKISTAN (Urdu), PORTUGUESE, ROMANIAN, RUSSIAN, TIWAN.

The most important translation required are the textile categories.

Please let us know if you are prepared to provide guidance or help to impove the translation of the textile categories or you require additional textile categories.
Your help would be very much appreciated
(Please understand - this website is designed for the benefit of the global textile industry ).